The case

multidisciplinary and World class 

Providing Opportunity to Demonstrate Critical Thinking, Leadership, and Teamwork for Six Years!

This year’s competition we are inviting teams of four undergraduate students to compete. Our recommendation is that teams are cross disciplinary with a focus on business, engineering, and geology students. This is to enhance the quality of their solutions. However, undergraduate students from all disciplines and backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

The World Mining Competition is an exceptional opportunity for students from all backgrounds to showcase their strategic analytical abilities to some of the most prominent minds in the mining industry. It will take creative approaches to address the opportunities and challenges presented by the ever changing, and evolving world mining industry.

The case will describe the current situation a fictitious company is facing in the mining industry from the perspective of a decision maker in the situation. The case will give a detailed background of the company and/or industry, and then will outline the opportunities and challenges of the situation. The case will feature discipline-specific information that will be more easily interpreted by students from a range of educational backgrounds.

Financial Analysis

A large component of every World Mining Competition case is an extensive financial analysis. Whether it be M&A, Capital Budgeting or Valuation, every case will involve a very high level analysis in terms of finding a solution. Especially in these cases, judges are looking for which team can back up their recommendations with numbers that tell the story.


Having a geological perspective and understanding is crucial in the case. The landscape from case to case constantly changes, making it heavily dependent for delegates on whether or not they understand what’s going on in the environment. Various challenges in the case will rely on having multiple perspectives on the same issue!

Mining Engineering

Perhaps the most important part in every World Mining Competition case is the logical systems that make every team’s recommendations viable. Mining is an extremely multidisciplinary topic for a case and relies heavily on the engineering component to arrive at solutions that judges can tell will work in reality.


As mining is one of the major industries in transition, sustainability is the most crucial factor in every recommendation. Being educated on sustainable innovations and technology is an asset when competing in the World Mining Competition. Judges are looking for which recommendation is not only viable, but also has the least impact on the environment!

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